Product Spotlight! Figgy Pops

When it comes to eating healthy, we all have the best intentions.  I try to regularly eat whole food and send whole food snacks with my kids to school.  But the reality is, packaged products sometimes just make life easier.  When my husband is traveling and the two dogs won’t stop barking and the kids have a million activities/homework/life, it makes a half-empty refrigerator my reality.  And considering that half the moms I talked to this morning all agreed that this is their reality on a Thursday, I’m happy to not be in the minority!

What drives me bonkers about packaged snacks, though, is the crazy list of additives from food coloring to added sugars/syrups and lots of other sometimes questionable ingredients.  Enter this product…

Made in Nature

Their ingredients are simple, just as the name suggests. Not only do they offer a variety of snacks in newly introduced single serve snack packs, but you can also buy them in bulk at Costco!  No extra trip to a health food store necessary.  While I’m loading up on my Costco grapes and strawberries, I drop these in as well.  And yes, I’ve made my own from scratch.  I have a super delicious recipe I’ll share in another week.  But sometimes survival of life chaos trumps the homemade version 😉



These figgy pops come in a whole slew of flavors, I just happen to love the apple cinnamon best.  But try them all till you find your favorite and let me know what you like!  If I’m on the run, need a post-workout snack, or need to throw something easy into my boys’ bags for school snack, I’ll toss 2-3 of these in a container with a cheese stick or a handful of mixed nuts because they’re not high in protein with only 2 grams per 2 pops.  But, the nuts or cheese ups the protein and keeps you feeling energized and full for longer.

Now it’s your turn: what are some of your favorite healthy packaged products? I’d love to have you share your favs or drop me a note if you’re wondering how nutritious your snack might be.

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