Nourish your body. Drop the guilt.

Become Fearless.

The secret is out…

You can feel strong and confident in your body without having to follow a set of diet rules. Millions of dollars are spent every day just to convince you that Joe Schmoe knows more about your body than you do. If you want to stop living a life with food anxiety, food guilt, and calorie counting, how do you walk away from the diet culture thrown at you?

Relearn to listen and trust your body, just like you were born doing and find your FUN, ENERGY and STRENGTH in movement again!

Hi! I’m Christina.

I am a board-certified sports dietitian, ultra-marathon runner, and chocolate lover. My passion is in helping you fearlessly feed your body so that you can live your most energetic life without stressing about the calories in chocolate.

I work with athletes, eating disorders, disordered eating, chronic dieters, and individuals who are seeking non-diet nutrition support.