Nutrition can be simple.

I'm Christina Fitzgerald, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and mindful eating expert.  I love inspiring others to reclaim their health with simple nutrition, sans the diet rules.

If you're ready to stop chasing the next "diet" and truly build sustainable nutrition habits, live a strong & confident life, and rediscover the joy of food - you're in the right spot.

How We Work Together

Step 1: Get in Touch

Schedule a discovery call, where we’ll talk more about your health and nutrition goals and how I can best support you.  You'll have the chance to ask questions about how we work and what you can expect. 

Step 2: Initial Session

In our first virtual session, we deep dive into your relationship with food, your health habits, health status and more. We will talk about your goals and develop a tailored plan to help you reach them.

Step 3: Support

Behavior change doesn’t happen overnight – it takes commitment and support to develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I will be there for ongoing support and accountability.

"We hired Christina because my daughter was diagnosed with IBS.  After just the first week, we were able to make tremendous progress in clearing up her IBS symptoms and began understanding her triggers." ~ Katy 

"When a friend passed along Christina's name, I had tried every diet imaginable and was beyond frustrated.  Christina was able to listen to all of my ups and downs and help get me on the path to not only meet my goals but lose my fear of food." ~ Sarah, age 29


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