Reconnecting with a
Happily Fed Body

Step towards Recovery

Become an Expert in listening to your body

Envision life without rigid meal plans, measuring or calorie counting. 

Imagine going out with friends and enjoying dessert together without getting lost and overwhelmed in your own head about what you should or shouldn’t do, or how you’re going to make up for this the next day. 

Imagine going for a run simply because it feels good in that moment not because it gives you permission to eat. 

Imagine all that you could enjoy in your day if you weren’t trapped in your food fears or making decisions based on the scale number. 

Imagine the Freedom. 


Explore treatment Options

Ways to work together

We strive to serve our clients when, where and how they need it most. You’ll find a range of services that meet you where you are with a roadmap to get you where you want to be.

A Roadmap to Recovery

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Whether you receive individual support or group support, you will know what to work on to move you towards your path of recovery and food freedom.


Helping Your Body feel safe & well fed

Together, we create a plan to feed your body in a way that supports repair, healthy hormone function, and movement.


Breaking Food Rules & Dropping Diet Culture

In order to live in a happily fed body, we break thru the stories we tell ourselves around thru body image work and challenging food rules and beliefs. 


A Life without Diets

Learn to fully trust that your body can & will communicate it’s needs without you needing to calorie count or obsess over the food choices you make. 

We bring the
recovery Roadmap,
You bring
your story.

Get in touch to share your story and determine the best path of support for you.

You're not alone!

Kind words from brave clients

You Deserve to let go & Thrive

Drop the guilt and feel happily Fed

Be uplifted and Supported