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Christina Fitzgerald, MS RD CSSD

the Philosophy

My view of food

I have made it my mission to be the voice of balance for women and help women understand that you can feel at home in your body at the weight it was designed to be. You can love movement (hitting goals or running for fun), love all food (especially chocolate!) and live your best life without food holding you back. 

there is life away from Diet culture

my own story & Experience

I began running…

with my dad super young. First, I followed him on my bike, loving the muddiest paths in the forest. Then, I fell in line running behind him.

Grad school is when distance running became my form of meditation. I struggled thru a break-up and navigated my emotions by running.

My first marathon… I didn’t eat nearly enough to support my miles, I lost my period and didn’t even know this wasn’t normal, and my body crashed. 

I pulled out of the marathon, rested for several months, nourished my body to recovery, and slowly began again with a fresh mindset. 

Today… as a wife and a mom to three boys and two dogs, I still love running when it feels good and love resting equally as much, usually with a hot chocolate in hand. 

I am so happy you're here!

I’m Christina, a registered dietitian and sports nutrition expert. I help individuals learn how to support their bodies thru great food without guilt, stress or anxiety. 

My framework has allowed individuals just like you to support their life goals (running or otherwise!) while allowing them to love and respect their body. 

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you deserve
food freedom

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