How to Find Your Happy Weight and Stop Dieting for Good.

The term “set point weight” is a popular term that is often misunderstood. This post will tell you what a set point weight is, why you should work to find yours and how to do it! The Set Point Theory Essentially, a set point weight is the weight that our bodies want to be atContinue reading “How to Find Your Happy Weight and Stop Dieting for Good.”

What You Do After Overeating: A 5 Step Action Plan For Runners

It’s Sunday evening. You’re laying in bed thinking about how fun the weekend was, but instead of smiling, you think of the food you ate. Or maybe you weren’t super busy, and you plain and simple made some food choices that left you not feeling great…again.. and again… All you can think is “I’m aContinue reading “What You Do After Overeating: A 5 Step Action Plan For Runners”

Chocolate Chip Cookie Overnight Oats

Let’s be honest with each other, even with a pandemic, I don’t want to spend my Saturday morning cooking. Especially not after a long run. Sunday? Totally! I love when my sleepy littles come tumbling down the stairs wanting french toast with whip cream or chocolate chip pancake with – yep, everything gets topped withContinue reading “Chocolate Chip Cookie Overnight Oats”

Simple Sports Nutrition Tweaks for Distance Runners

If you’re starting to get into more distance, you might have some nutrition questions popping into your head. What and when should you eat before, during and after your runs? What should you drink and how much? Every single runner eventually hits the distance when practical nutrition strategies can make a HUGE difference in howContinue reading “Simple Sports Nutrition Tweaks for Distance Runners”

Inside Out Almond Joys

These blow your mind just-like-the-real-thing almond joys have only 4 simple ingredients and are certainly about to become your sweet treat go-to! My mom has always gone bonkers at Halloween. You name the candy, and she’s got it stocked and ready to pass out! However, there’s a problem. Their neighborhood hasn’t quite turned yet overContinue reading “Inside Out Almond Joys”

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