What is a Runner’s Set Point Weight?

The term “set point weight” is a popular term that is often misunderstood. This post will tell you what a set point weight is, why you should work to find yours and how to do it! The Set Point Theory Essentially, a set point weight is the weight that our bodies want to be atContinue reading “What is a Runner’s Set Point Weight?”

What You Do After Overeating: A 5 Step Action Plan For Runners

It’s Sunday evening. You’re laying in bed thinking about how fun the weekend was, but instead of smiling, you think of the food you ate. Or maybe you weren’t super busy, and you plain and simple made some food choices that left you not feeling great…again.. and again… All you can think is “I’m aContinue reading “What You Do After Overeating: A 5 Step Action Plan For Runners”

Free Yourself from Dieting

Hey friends!  I’m guessing that if you stopped by to check out my thoughts on how to free yourself from dieting, you’ve felt all the frustrations of dieting at some point or another.  I’m going to ask you to get real and honest with yourself for a couple minutes as you read… Over the pastContinue reading “Free Yourself from Dieting”