Fearlessly Fed Runner’s Club

A Fearlessly Fed Runner’s Club

Living a life that is fearlessly fueled is SO.GOOD.

Hi there, girl! It’s SO good to have you here! 

And you know what? The fact that you ARE here tells me lots about you.

For a start, it tells me you want to stop dieting. You want to stop counting points/calories/macros and eat from hunger and fullness without guilt or body shame.

You know that letting food just be food can make a HUGE difference in your physical/mental/emotional health.

For some of my clients, this journey is about moving your body on a run because it feels amazing, it feels strong. It’s your ME time. What it’s NOT is the “I have to run to earn some food-time”. 

For other clients, it’s having pizza with girlfriends on a Friday night without feeling guilty.
Whatever changes you’re ready to make in your relationship with food and your body, you know it could make the world of difference.


● Your little guy happily shares his goldfish and you’re not stressing “…how many carbs was that?!”

● You finally have ice cream in the freezer and eating it when you want, but sometimes forgetting about it because you really haven’t felt like having it.

● FINALLY eating that powdered sugar covered funnel cake at the local street fest and licking your fingers – without tacking on extra miles to your next run!

“Christina – quick note – I felt totally empowered today. I realized that I have been looking at myself differently in the mirror, not through the lens of what a scale said, but in a “damn, my arms look really strong!” kind of way. Thought you’d like to know 🙂

~ Fearlessly Fed runner

Achieve Food Freedom once and for all.

The truth is that you can’t afford to hang all your food freedom hopes on social media. Because that leaves you at the mercy of every diet culture tactic and every diet company claiming to help you lose weight without dieting.

Working towards food freedom with this community can bring you less food guilt, and support from like-minded women. This is not about lacking will power to do this on your own. But when you have a question, feel frustrated, or want to celebrate a win, who do you turn to? A community that understands and will cheer you on thru your food freedom marathon.

With the Fearlessly Fed Community, you will…


When you follow the Fearlessly Fed strategy, you’ll have the building blocks to let your body be its magical self and understand what feels good in YOUR body.


With this strategy in place, you’ll be on the road to breaking up with the “I should…” thoughts and learn how to enjoy ALL food again, sans-guilt.


With this community in your back pocket, you’ll have the confidence to set your sights on new adventures wihout feeling overwhelmed with constant food guilt.


Gain food freedom AND understand how to practically support your body to tackle all the miles your body wants to run.

With the Fearlessly Fed community, you’ll master…

In 12 lessons and community support, this gives you everything you need to live & run with food freedom once and for all. In this community, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find Balance to Energize – Many runners spin their wheels trying to understand why they feel constantly hungry and exhausted all at the same time. Thru gentle nutrition strategies, you will practice ways to balance your blood sugar to learn what feels good in YOUR body.
  • Reject the “Shoulds” and Understanding Cravings – Are you feeling SO frustrated because you feel like you only crave junk food or all the food that you “shouldn’t” be eating? Begin breaking these food rules like a champion.
  • Am I Eating Enough? – Discover what your body needs and how much feels good. Free your brain space from all the calorie counting gymnastics.
  • Navigate Emotions – Follow the best recipe for separating physical hunger from emotional hunger. This module gives you everything you need to learn why you feel “addicted” to certain foods and how to walk away from the restrict-binge cycle.
  • Power UP Your Runs – You run for so many reasons. Whatever your reason is, feeling strong and energized in your runs feels AH-mazing. This module builds on your food freedom journey so you can hit the road and FLY.
  • Rest Without the Guilt – Guilt can sneak in on rest days. Find out how to navigate these days in gentle ways that will strengthen your physical and emotional health.  

…and more.

“Healthy and diet-free eating and self-love is the legacy I’ll leave to my kids”

Fearlessly Fed Runner

What’s inside the community…

  • The Course Get food freedom for runners. Follow the “training plan” that will build your food freedom muscles.
  • Your Daily Cheering Squad – A private members-only community where you can ask questions, get support, celebrate your successes, and meet other runners just like you!
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions These Q&A sessions are worth their weight in gold because you can submit any and all of your questions for this exclusive members-only guidance session. Can’t make the Live? No problem! Catch the recording!
  • 1:1 Monthly Check-ins If the Q&A sessions are gold medals, this is your diamond. Once a month, you and I can jump on a call to truly personalize this experience. Just think of these calls like the water stops in your marathon – I’m your support crew!
  • BONUS As a Fearlessly Fed Community member, you’ll receive a monthly e-book packed with tasty meal, snack, smoothie, and dessert ideas – cause this girl’s got a sweet tooth!

Run often. Run far. But never outrun your joy of running.

Julie isphording
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