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Fearlessly Fueled

Small Group Nutrition Coaching

Living a life that is fearlessly fueled is SO.GOOD.

Living a life that is fearlessly fueled is SO.GOOD.

It’s having pizza with the fam on a Friday night without feeling guilty. It’s having ice cream in the freezer and eating it when you want, but sometimes forgetting about it because you really haven’t felt like having it. It’s being fed goldfish by your little guy and not worrying “…how many carbs was that?!”

It’s moving your body on a run because it feels amazing, it feels strong. It’s your ME time. What it’s NOT is the “I have to run to earn some food-time”. 

Everything I just listed, I KNOW you can feel and live this. 

One mom in my group coaching program shared this: 

“Healthy and diet-free eating and self love is the legacy I’ll leave to my kids”

CHILLS! Every single time. 

A lot of women struggle with feeding their body to support their running goals but also beyond the finish line. But this doesn’t mean you continue like this for years to come. My group coaching gives you my framework that has helped so many women finally know how to fearlessly fuel their body. 

In this intimate and personalized small group, I will guide you through my 5 pillars of nutrition alongside a supportive accountability team of of fab like-minded women on the same journey. During the 12 week group, I will support you by providing tools, accountability and the weekly guidance needed for you to perform your best in and out of runs. Runners of all levels are welcome!

How I set you up for Success:

High Touch Support

You have 3 1:1 calls with me (your personal sports dietitian) to really get into the nitty gritty of what you want to achieve. When you have questions, you can chat message with me at any time!

Community & Group Accountability

You will have access to an exclusive support group where you can talk to me and other runners. My runners thrive in this “running group” environment and benefit from a positive group atmosphere!

Weekly Group Calls

We have weekly Q&A group coaching calls where you AND bi-weekly deep dive calls where you learn to truly understand your body and how to support it well beyond the finish line.

A Runner’s Recipe E-book

You will get access to my popular runner’s recipe e-book with over 50 recipes for easy breakfasts, crock-pot dinners, easy pre/post-run fuel and more.

Exclusive Platform

You will get exclusive access to my client-only virtual platform where you have access to all group materials, a private chat box with myself, and the ability to keep track of goals.

Run often. Run far. But never outrun your joy of running.

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