Imagine a life where you:

  • Feel confident in your food choices again.  
  • Have a kitchen full of food that makes your body feel GOOD.
  • Go out to eat and laugh with your friends and family without diet & health anxiety.

I want you to feel strong and amazing.  Food can be simple again.  Your body can feel good again.   

When your inside feels good, this will radiate on the outside as well.  But this doesn't need to mean a life of deprivation or diet rules! 

I Get It.

Your doctor provided you with a handout and a huge list of foods to avoid.  Are you wondering what to eat when it feels like everything that you love is on the list? 

I believe in very simple meals, common and well known ingredients, and no crazy superfoods or obscure trends you’ve never heard of. The most common feedback I get from clients is “I can’t believe how realistic this is.

Working together through Intuitive Eating for healthy living and disease managemnet, you'll learn:

  • How to let go of diet rules yet nourish your body through a variety of foods. 
  • The evidence-based, practical approach to finding joy in food and balance for your body.
  • How to put all the pieces together to feed your body with confidence. 

Our discovery call allows me to learn more about you, your relationship to food, and how I can help support you. 

You’ll have a chance to ask questions about how we'll work together and what you can expect thru the process. 

What it looks like to work together:

Virtual Sessions

Virtual Sessions

Virtual Sessions


Struggling to find time to step away for an appointment? Or live farther than a commute makes sense? No worries! We can have "live" sessions over the computer just like we would have in an office setting. 

Weekly Check-Ins

Virtual Sessions

Virtual Sessions


Weekly check-ins and food-mood journals for reflection and learning. Learn how to navigate hurdles in the moment instead of waiting for the next session.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Step-by-Step Guidance

Step-by-Step Guidance


You have access to easy-to-use tools to increase confidence during our time working together, including: an online dashboard to keep track of goals, simple and tasty recipes curated for your tastes and needs, and a photo food-mood journal. 

Chat Support

Step-by-Step Guidance

Step-by-Step Guidance


Chat support during business hours for encouragement and quick questions between sessions. Worried about a restaurant that you're going to tonight? Share this in the chat for support in navigating the menu the low fodmap diet way! 

Need help getting started with a few simple recipes?

Taking steps to improve your health without "diet rules" can feel overwhelming.  Jump start yourself with a few easy to make recipes!