For Dietitians

“Now, I feel way more confident in sessions, my clients are booking more regularly, and I’m not totally burnt out at the end of the week.”

There’s nothing more disheartening for dietitians than to see clients struggle to get results.

No matter how much you educate…

How many credentials are listed after your name…

How many sessions you have with your clients..

Change doesn’t happen unless clients take action.

It feels like you’re putting in WAY more work than your client.

They keep coming back week after week stuck on the same thing and not making any progress. 

Like they KNOW they should eat breakfast, but they keep saying “I don’t have time” – and the cycle keeps happening. 

Then the niggling fear comes up – if they don’t get results, they’re going to quit. Or worse, ask for a refund.

So what do we do? 

We go into “fixer mode.” 

We educate more. We tell them more. But this doesn’t lead to more change – only more burnout and exhaustion for us. 

How do you get them there? 

You know nutrition inside and out. You know exactly what your clients need to do to reach the goals they desire. You’re seeing clients and loving it, but your clients aren’t as successful as you know they can be. 

Telling them exactly what to do or educating them more on nutrition, isn’t going to help. 

Because you’ve tried that and they keep coming back with “I know I should have, BUT…”

You find yourself in a tug-of-war with your clients that you never wanted to play. This leaves you feeling unsure about the value you bring to the client and whether they’ll stop showing up or even ask for a refund. 

You question yourself constantly. Do I need to learn more in my niche? Am I asking the right questions? Maybe I need more credentials so they trust me?

You’re trapped in the vicious cycle of putting in WAY more work than the client and feeling exhausted and unsure how to restructure your process. 

You want to make an impact.

The desire to change isn’t linear and learning to hold space, listen and guide your clients is a dance. And once you learn the dance, your clients thrive, and your energy soars!

You have the power to make a lasting impact but you need to build counseling skills that basic training didn’t teach.

3 ways smart dietitians like you get stuck with clients

  • You skip crucial parts of the conversation that build trust and your client feels misunderstood.
  • You constantly fall back into expert-mode – explaining and educating more than you’re listening.
  • You want to make them care more and make them see how much nutrition could potentially change their life – yet they constantly come back with excuses

Are you ready to empower your clients to change?

If you are a dietitian that struggles with getting clients unstuck or motivated to keep going, now’s the time – learn how to confidently work with emotional or ‘stuck’ clients and provide your clients with the help they desperately need. And with your confidence and skills comes greater client success, leading to a thriving and less-burnt out nutrition practice!

Empower Your Clients to Change

This is your roadmap to build counseling skills that draws out your client’s inner motivation!

  • Pillar 1 – Creating Your Foundation: Here you learn and master the basic skills of motivational interviewing. You learn how to integrate these skills into all parts of your client’s journey.
  • Pillar 2 – Building Deeper Trust: As you build trust, you learn how to dig even deeper by normalizing emotions and validating the client’s experiences.
  • Pillar 3 – Getting Comfortable: with the Uncomfortable: As your confidence in MI strengthens, you build more skills to support frustrated clients, work thru ambivalence and support your own needs in sessions (ie, maintaining time boundaries)

it’s all included in:


The complete A-Z process to learn & fully implement motivational interviewing into your client sessions. This group program gives you all the tools, scripts, and support you need to feel completely confident to teach, support and empower your clients.

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