Complimentary Call


Are you wondering if one of these courses could be a good fit for yourself, a loved one, or a client you are helping?  No problem!  Let's jump on a call to talk.  

Reclaim Your Space


This comprehensive course is designed to help you create freedom, trust, and peace in your relationship with food.

This is a 3 month guided course - you will never be left to just figure it out on your own! We will schedule monthly calls and have weekly check-ins to keep you fully supported. 

This guided course is currently wait-listed. It will re-open again in December 2019.  Email to be added to the wait list.



Want to start making peace with food and reclaim trust in your body? This 30 day mini course will help you take the first steps on your intuitive eating journey. 

This mini course offers daily practices and inspiration to help you learn how to break free from diets. 

This mini course is launching in December 2019.  Email to be added to the waitlist.