Hey there runner. I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m Christina, a registered dietitian and sports nutrition expert. I help runners learn how to support their bodies thru great nutrition without guilt, stress or anxiety.

My proven methods have allowed runners just like you to support their goals while allowing them to love and respect their bodies. These runners are able to enjoy all the food, when they want, without guilt stress or anxiety. You can live life on YOUR terms – love running and LOVE food.

I began running…

with my dad super young. First, I followed him on my bike, loving the muddiest paths in the forest preserve. Then, I fell in line running behind him and loved the quiet that it brought to my mind.

As I hit high school, I was a competitive soccer and basketball player but never chose running as my sport. It was my place of solitude.

Grad school is when distance running really took off for me. I was struggling with an old college boyfriend and not feeling incredibly confident with myself. My running group, at the time, was ramping up for marathon training and I decided to prove something to myself.

I signed up for the Disney marathon.

This is where it all went wrong. I “sort of” followed my training plan, I didn’t eat nearly enough to support the miles, and my body crashed. I was exhausted, had a hard time studying and focusing, lost my period and was at the beginning of a stress fracture. Luckily, an older and much more experienced runner in the group pulled me aside and gave me the AHA moment I needed.

I pulled out of the disney marathon, rested for several months, nourished my body properly, and began again.

The following summer, I trained the way my body needed. The miles increased slowly and I gave myself the rest days and recovery runs it needed. I also worked with a sports dietitian who taught me the importance of feeding the body enough, how to support recovery, how to love food and eat without restriction, and how this leaves you feeling strong & energized. With all of this, I ran my first Chicago marathon and was hooked! Both on running and on nutrition for runners!


Today, as a wife and a mom to three boys and two dogs, I am still an obsessed runner and enjoy living a life of food freedom that supports any amount of miles I run! You can find me jumping on the trampoline with the boys, in the kitchen developing the simplest recipes because I love keeping things nutritious yet quick at home, and heading on runs with my pup, Max, or my favorite running buddies. All of this would not be possible without learning how to support my body with amazing nutrition while always enjoying a side of chocolate for fun!  

I have made it my mission to be the voice of balance in the world of female runners, and help women understand that you can love your body just the way it is AND love running, and that nutrition and eating does not have to be complicated, stressful or anxiety provoking. You too can love running (hitting goals or running for fun), love food (and chocolate), and live your best life without food holding you back!


Sports Nutrition

Non-diet Approach

Disordered Eating

Disease Prevention


Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

University of Illinois

RD/LDN: Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Master of Science in Nutrition

University of North Florida

CSSD: Board Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition

Let’s run and eat together.

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