1:1 Nutrition Support

My 1:1 Fearlessly Fueled Program helps you nourish your body in a way that allows you to feel amazing.

Have you ever thought…

“I have BIG goals and want to feel great when running. I’m ready to really learn what my body needs!”

“I’m feeling confused on how to manage my (insert health condition) and also fuel my body for my running goals.”

“I’m feeling exhausted when training for my race and super confused why!”

“I want to eat healthy and treat my body with respect, BUT I also want to still enjoy a cookie without feeling guilty.”

I work 1:1 with a limited number of women who are inspired to learn how to listen to their body, want to feel energized and ready to tackle any running goal or life adventure!

This program is for women who…

Are ready to stop relying on tracking apps to tell them what, when or how much to eat
Are ready to challenge their mindset around what a nutritious day can look like in any stage of running
Are ready to respect their body and eat in a way that supports complete health
Are ready to create positive and lasting habits around food
Are ready to feel confident in themselves

*If you are currently suffering with an eating disorder or disordered eating and stable for outpatient care, 1:1 support is the best option for you.

This program is not for runners who…

Want to continue relying on calorie tracking apps to tell them what, when or how much to eat 
Are not willing to challenge their mindset and want to stay stuck in their negative health beliefs
Are in need of inpatient treatment for a current eating disorder
Want a restrictive plan that tells them exactly what to do
Are only wanting to lose weight

When you work with me, you get…

High touch support that takes your entire health picture into account, with recommendations tailored to both your health and your goals.

Online support via a safe platform with weekly video calls so we can chat virtually face-to-face and where I hold you accountable to your goals

Delicious snack and meal ideas tailored to your body’s needs

Chat support between sessions – I’ve got you covered!

“I started working with Christina before my first marathon to help me navigate food for the crazy training but also for my IBS. I was struggling to meld the two without landing in a port-a-potty every mile! It’s been so helpful to understand how the two goals can blend without feeling totally overwhelmed or restricted on foods I can eat.  Her approach is flexible and focuses on the issues that are specific to me, when they are happening. And the best perk was getting to message her with any and all of my questions anytime they popped into my head.”

— Amy P. ~ first time marathoner

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